We are a communications agency for anyone who believes their company can make an impact on society and, in the process, become a truly
one-of-a-kind brand.

Our team

We are a communications agency for anyone who believes their company can make an impact on society and, in the process, become a truly
one-of-a-kind brand.

Our team

Tereza Svěráková

Over her 25 years long career in advertising, Tereza has won a number of prestigious awards from all over the world, including 14 Cannes Lions. In 2017, Adweek put her on the list of 10 Global creative leaders reinventing the industry. Yet she is perhaps even more proud of her achievements outside the advertising bubble — from leading a seminar at the University of New York in Prague to directing a documentary series The Women of Charter 77. This interest in humanity also penetrates her advertising work. At OAK, she brings to life consumer insights and creative strategies that give brands long-term value and set their tone of voice for years to come.


Tomáš Dvořák

During the 20 years he spent as Client Service Director and later Managing Director, Tomáš left a very visible mark on the image of Y&R Prague and the quality of its work. From being repeatedly named Agency of The Year to bringing in EFFIE Awards for prestigious clients that he and his team managed to win over and over again. Who were they? Česká spořitelna, Vodafone, O2, Stock Plzeň-Božkov, Innogy or Česká pojišťovna, just to name a few. At OAK, Tomáš is in charge of project and team coordination from briefing to delivery. Drawing on his lifelong football background, he uses his team spirit to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.


Our clients

Česká spořitelna
Tierra Verde
Paměť národa

Our work

Xmas subscription

A Forbes magazine subscription might seem like a small Christmas gift. However, when we realize that a paper copy sent to the giftee’s mailbox each month will make them happy for the whole upcoming year, the gift starts to feel much bigger.

Memory of nations
Memory of nations at Schools

The Memory of Nations and its projects teach students about totalitarian regimes of the last century.

For Long-Lasting Relationships

In a campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dušák, a renowned watch boutique in Prague, we remind ourselves how important it is to cherish long-lasting relationships.

Mamma HELP
Mamma BEER

How to make the best use of a low budget to raise awareness of an organization whose activity can literally save lives?

Česká spořitelna
You’re #stronger than you think

Sociological surveys show that even 30 years after the end of communism, Czechs do not really believe in themselves...

Changing perspectives

Free and independent journalism is key for democracy. For the investigative magazine, Reporter, we created a series of visuals representing the topics that the editorial staff dealt with from multiple perspectives – so the readers could find their own...

The world needs more billionaires

Every year, Forbes magazine releases a list of the world’s richest people, and more and more attention is drawn to those who use their wealth to improve lives globally...

Bageterie Boulevard
& Memory of Nations

Helping with the Ukrainian menu

We cannot keep to ourselves the ideas that have the potential to help. That’s why, already in March 2022, we connected our client Bageterie Boulevard with the renowned organization Post Bellum and their online archive, Memory of Nations, and proactively proposed a Ukrainian menu...

Česká spořitelna & Memory of Nations
Today we’re #stronger, today we’re helping

Under the leadership of Tereza and Tomáš, the agencies OAK and VMLY&R collaborated on a campaign for Česká spořitelna, which was one of the first big brands to have reacted to the Russian aggression towards Ukraine...

Bageterie Boulevard
The Hungry Artist

In 2021, every one of us felt the effects of the coronavirus measures, but for some occupations, it was an especially difficult time...

Bet on victory

When a new player entered the Slovak sports betting market in 2021, there was a lot at stake. Considering this segment, the local market ranks among the most competitive ones in Europe...

Memory of Nations Help Hub
How our heroes live depends on us

The living conditions of Czech war veterans and political prisoners in the Czech Republic are unfortunately often much worse than we would like to imagine...


What sometimes helps the brands the most is when we look at them from a new perspective. Pribináček used to be presented as a kids’ brand, but the research that was conducted had a surprising outcome: more than half of its consumers are adults...

Česká spořitelna
It's always worth believing

When people started being fed up with the coronavirus measures,
we decided to bring some hope and optimism to the public space...

People in Need
Confiscated Toys

When we found out that the problem of having writs of execution issued involved as well over 4,000 Czech children in 2019, we literally went through the roof and brought a provocative idea to the organization People in Need...

Česká spořitelna
Together we’re #stronger

In a campaign to celebrate 197 years of the existence of Česká spořitelna, we showed what a long and successful journey the Czech society has undertaken since the “invention” of the first bankbook, which made it possible for the people in the 19th century to begin to live a better life...


One of a Kind
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