We’re a communication agency for anyone who believes their brand can make the future a little bit better. Purposefulness drives us forward. It’s the reason we decided to go our own way and why we want to help brands find theirs. Because only then can they become a true one of a kind brand.

It takes two to become
One of a Kind.

Tereza Svěráková
Over her 25 year long career in advertising, Tereza has won a number of prestigious awards from all over the world, including 14 Cannes Lions. In 2017, Adweek put her on the list of 10 Global creative leaders reinventing the industry. Yet she is perhaps even more proud of her achievements outside the advertising bubble — from leading a seminar at the University of Prague to directing a documentary series The Women of Charter 77. This interest in humanity also penetrates her advertising work. At OAK, she brings to life consumer insights and creative strategies that give brands long-term value and set their tone of voice for years to come.
Tomáš Dvořák
During the 20 years he spent as Client Service Director and later Managing Director, Tomáš left a very visible mark on the image of Y&R Prague and the quality of its work. From being repeatedly named Agency of The Year to bringing in EFFIE awards for prestigious clients that he and his team managed to win over and over again. Who were they? Česká spořitelna, Vodafone, O2, Stock Plzeň-Božkov, Innogy or Česká pojišťovna, just to name a few. At OAK, Tomáš is in charge of project and team coordination from briefing to delivery. Drawing on his lifelong football background, he uses his team spirit to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.